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If you want the BEST then this is it! I am here to work with you 1-on-1 so that you can reach your unique/specific DATING goals/objectives.

First off, I’d like to explain a few things about what exactly, quote-unquote, “private coaching really is, and what it’s all about.

You see, most guys out there have never even DREAMED that there are men out there, just like myself, who are actually in the BUSINESS of helping SINGLE guys get better with the LADIES. Who would have even thought that this could actually be a REAL thing, RIGHT?

Well, in PRIVATE COACHING (*1-on-1, or group), I am going to cover EVERYTHING that you need to know on a->case-by-case basis<-(i.e.-SEXUAL ATTRACTION/COMMUNICATION & SUB-COMMUNICATION. How-to APPROACH HOT WOMEN. How-to FLIRT. How-to SEXUALLY ESCALATE. Understanding how-to TEXT A GIRL. How-to get her PHONE NUMBER. When to CALL her. What to SAY to her when you call her. Secret SEDUCTION techniques & tactics to get her into bed FAST! And much, MUCH MORE!)

We will discuss EVERYTHING, from the point of actually MEETING a girl that you like; from the first initial eye-contact, all the way to the BEDROOM! And, even what happens before & after meeting her, and getting into a REAL SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP with her! And, the best part is, this is not just some DVD program or YouTube video. Meaning that you actually get to work with me LIVE, 1-on-1, IN-FIELD, in REAL LIFE, and practice these techniques on REAL WOMEN! —Just think of me as your personal WINGMAN who is going to help take you through every step of the DATING process!

*NOTE: Phone/Skype coaching is also available!

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I was able to do my 1-ON-1 TRAINING with Ryan which opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me! For HARD-PROOF, I met a GIRL on Friday night. . . Saturday night we went out, and I brought her home and had SEX with her! I never would have been able to have done that without this shit!

Ryan is a great guy, and I definitely recommend training with him 1-on-1!”

-Aaron Zier, 28, Las Vegas, NV

Here’s How To Get Started:

First, we’ll schedule a time for us to meet over the phone for a laid-back, confidential consultation—ALWAYS PRIVATE, ALWAYS DISCRETE!

*REMEMBER: Everything that we do together, and/or talk about, discuss, etc), is always 100% private & confidential.

Next, we will mutually decide if we’re a good fit to work with one-and-other.

If that is the case, then I will assess your personal situation, and custom-tailor a specific coaching program so as to help handle/assist, etc, your unique problem/situation.




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Ryan was a lot of help in changing how I approached people, and how I presented myself to others. His hands-on approach worked better than listening to a lot of theory & testimonials.

Ryan took me out to Caesar’s Palace and immediately had me start APPROACHING & talking to every WOMAN in the vicinity; so he could quickly observe, analyze, & advise me on my APPROACH. He also spent some time covering my sense-of-fashion and on the various impressions it might have upon other people. He then took me over to the mall for a FULL MAKEOVER from head-to-toe!

Ryan has been a GREAT HELP in changing the way I present myself to the world, and to women! He is a true GURU of PICK-UP and I would RECOMMEND HIS TRAINING TO ANYONE wanting to better themselves when it comes to achieving more SUCCESS when it comes to dealing with WOMEN.

-Atul Sigul, 38, Las Vegas, NV

Who These Services Are Not For:

PLEASE NOTE: I do not just work with ANYONE! To be selected as a potential dating coaching client of mine you MUST meet some specific criteria. Please read below!

I Will Not Accept You As A Student If:

1. You’re expecting “the magic pill” or a quick fix.
PLEASE NOTE: There are no magic “pick-up lines” that will make beautiful women instantly fall into your lap! That is NOT how this works!
First off, I do NOT teach, “cheesy pick-up lines,” or “gimmicks.” The techniques in which I teach to students are only SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN METHODS (*which have all been tried & field-tested, etc) which can naturally be employed during general conversation; in order to help NATURALLY ATTRACT BEAUTIFUL WOMEN into your life. However, don’t expect everything to happen overnight! That is NOT the way this works!

At first, it is more about just LEARNING & PRACTICING THE PROCESS, and then, eventually—in time—you will have developed the specific skill-set needed in order to really be able to get out there and attract the types of women that you want! This means that this is NOT a situation where I am going you a few magic techniques, and then try to help get you laid on the first day of training.


2. You’re NOT Coachable

If you’re not willing to actually try to implement any/all of the methods in which I am going to teach you, then this will NOT work for you. PERIOD!

You WILL have to physically APPROACH & CHAT UP REAL WOMEN in REAL LIFE, and, for some guys out there, this act can be absolutely terrifying! But, don’t worry! We’ll start you off with an easy progression. Again, this skill is not going to be something that you can just acquire in one single day, or one single coaching session—it takes time! —And, in some cases. . . YEARS & YEARS of hard work, dedication, effort, training, & persistence!


3. You’re not willing to spend TOP-DOLLAR.

My students get results. PERIOD! You can see hard-proof/evidence of this within the testimonials section of this website, and, because of this, the investment is NOT cheap! You have to be willing to physically invest in yourself. If you’re not willing to actually put your money where your mouth is, then this will NOT work for you!

Now, if none of the exceptions above apply to you, then this is the solution that you have been waiting for, probably the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life, and now you’re only a few clicks away from not only finally meeting the women of your dreams, but also, getting a skill-set that will enable you to attract hot women for the rest of your life!
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I just want to thank you man! In my 2 months of training with you, I have gone from having APPROACH ANXIETY with one average-looking girl, to being able to open a 5-set of ATTRACTIVE WOMEN and CONTROL THE FRAME!

By far the BEST COACH in LAS VEGAS, and only going to get BETTER!

I would RECOMMEND TRAINING with Ryan WITHOUT HESITATION to anyone wanting to better THEMSELVES, & their LIVES. Thanks again, brother!

-Eric Wheaton, 24, Las Vegas, NV




Ryan’s got all the right moves! His techniques are fun, easy to learn, straight-to-the-point, and scientifically-designed to get you REAL RESULTS when it comes to ATTRACTING WOMEN.

Ryan gave me a top-secret opening line that he made up, which he calls, “The Island Opener.” I used it on a hot girl named Alex and I got her PHONE NUMBER, & a DATE, on my first day of training! —I also got ANOTHER GIRLS’ NUMBER too!

Dude knows his shit, I can’t wait till next week for our next session! Thank you so much Ryan!

-Joe Campbell, 26, Las Vegas, NV

Great! Here’s How Coaching Works…

Please read and fill out the form below.

As I just mentioned previously, we do not accept just anyone. I am very selective with my students because my time is limited.

First off, you’ll need to fill out the application below. Don’t worry, everything is strictly confidential. I just need to know a brief bit of history about you and a little bit about your prior dating experience(s), and get an brief idea of what you wish to accomplish, and so forth.

Once I have your application, I will email you back and we will pick a time to schedule a phone/Skype appointment/consultation. If everything looks good after your consultation, I will then schedule a coaching session for you. Next, you will then need to deposit your coaching fee by credit/debit card, etc, into my PayPay account (whatever the fee was that we discussed during the consultation). Once I receive your payment in full your coaching session will then be confirmed (*or you may pay with cash in full when we meetup in person on the date & time selected, or if you are local you may drop it off beforehand). (*Out-of-state/international clients MUST pay by credit/debit card and are also responsible for all flights, hotels, lodging, food, transportation, etc.)

The phone consultation will be between 5-15 minutes, or so. We’ll discuss your unique situation and I will begin assessing how in which I can help you.

On our first coaching session I am going to begin to show you the basics of approaching, and how to naturally attract beautiful women; from the very first interaction… all the way to the bedroom.

Next, I’ll help you to destroy any fear, or approach anxiety in which you might have, so when you first walk up to women you will exude pure, rock-solid, bullet-proof confidence. Then I’ll show you exactly what to do & say so that you create an instant sexual attraction with her within just the first few seconds of meeting her.

You’ll know what to do every step of the way; from getting her number, to texting, to how-to set up the first date, and finally, to the bedroom.

My advanced training is specifically designed to transform you into a powerful, confident, & attractive man, on the inside, & outside.


This stuff works! Now I got GIRLS. . . I got NUMBERS. . . God bless you Ryan!

-Brooklyn Dave, 32, Las Vegas, NV

How Much Is Coaching?

There is no actual set price; as every student will have a unique problem and/or situation, sticking point, etc, to work with.

For BEGINNERS (i.e.-first-timers/novice-level students, etc) who have no formal training will usually want to purchase an introductory coaching session with me; which will usually run $250.00 (USD; cash or charge) for 2-hours of private 1-on-1 coaching, LIVE on the Las Vegas Strip (*This 2-hr session may be located in various malls, bars, night clubs, etc, and will include basic approaching techniques/tactics, body language basics, how-to get a girl’s phone number, etc-etc. After 2 hours, if you are ready to keep going, and time permits for both of us, you will then have the unique opportunity to continue training for an additional hour for an additional fee of $100.00)

For INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED students my normal rate is approximately $349.99 p/h (2-hour minimum), or you can SAVE by purchasing an 8/10-hour block; which will usually AVERAGE around $2,499.99 (*more or less, dependent upon the type of training in which we are employing. We can discuss).

*NOTE: This training can also be broken up into MULTIPLE SESSIONS on MULTIPLE DATES/TIMES! (i.e.-2x 4-hr sessions, or 4x 2-hr sessions, etc. We can discuss).


Overall, if you are REALLY SERIOUS about training, and getting this part of your life handled, then expect to invest between $2k-$15k+ (USD) for private coaching, per day (*again, dependent upon which program we choose specifically for you).


*Phone/Skype coaching sessions will generally run approximately $99.00 p/h. We will discuss your specific issue, and I will then give you advice on how to overcome your problem/sticking-point, etc.

FULL WEEKEND COACHING PACKAGES ARE NOW ALSO AVAILABLE TO SELECT STUDENTS! (2-8+ hours Friday, 2-8+ hours Saturday, 2-8+ hours Sunday, etc-etc. Please inquire for more details!)

Fill out the application below and let’s talk.

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Skype ID (We’ll use Skype if you’re outside the U.S.A.)


City/Country *


Profession *


How important to you is getting this part of your life handled? *

Extremely Important | Somewhat Important | Just Thinking About It


Approximately how many dates do you go on per month? *


What is your biggest challenge and/or fear when it comes to women and dating? *


What are the 3 most important goals you would like to accomplish during your coaching program with me, and why?


Have you taken any other course, bootcamp, or seminar in the field of dating/self-improvement/pickup? If so, who was it with and what was your biggest takeaway (and/or biggest disappointment)? *


Investment: Are you able to invest between $2,000 & $15,000 USD for private coaching? If you tick ‘no’ your application will not be considered. *

Yes | No | Maybe, I want to know more.


Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Your Journey Is About To Begin. . .