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Proven Methods That Can Help You GET BEAUTIFUL WOMEN INTO YOUR LIFE TODAY, Even If You’re Not Rich Or Good Looking!

I Put An END To My Troubles With Women And Started Enjoying A Rockstar Sex Life, And I’ll Show YOU How YOU CAN DO IT TOO As Well!

Are you sick and tired of having a lack of success with women?

Are you annoyed with the pain that is caused by this issue. . . Frustrated by the countless lonely nights at home. . . Are you being forced to wake up alone. . . Do you feel like you’re living without a purpose? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Then what you’re about to hear may be the MOST enlightening thing that YOU’VE EVER HEARD. . .

Because I’m about to show you how you can to put an END to your problems with women, ONCE AND FOR ALL! Get ready to finally be enjoying the rockstar sex life that you’ve always deserved, the woman of your dreams, and the bullet-proof confidence that you’re going to receive throughout every other area of your life that you get as a result.

And trust me, I know exactly how. . . because I’ve already done it!


Hi, my name is Ryan Jaunzemis. I’m a Lifestyle, Dating, Relationship, & Seduction Guru here in Las Vegas, and what that means is that I teach men the art & science of ATTRACTION; or, in easier terms, I TEACH GUYS HOW TO PICK-UP WOMEN! My job is to help YOU find the love life that you deserve; whither that may be, either finding the love of your life, getting more sex from more women, or just finding greater confidence within yourself when it comes to dealing with women in general on a normal every-day-to-day basis.

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I have been a member of a secret underground society called The Seduction Community for the last 8 years. In this secret society (Liken to the Free-Masons or the Illuminati and other secret societies) I gained secret knowledge from master seducers the world over; secret information on how-to meet, date, and attract women INSTANTLY using techniques such as hypnosis and embedded psychological commands within my speech patterns, mastering the skills of reading and interpreting female body-language, interpreting behavioral and psychological ques, amongst with other patterns and secret methods. These techniques that I learned worked so well that I began teaching other men these tricks. I have recently been featured on the cover of Las Vegas’ SEVEN & CITY LIFE Magazines, and I have helped 10s of thousands of men from around the world become more successful with their interactions with women.


For the last 8 years I’ve also read through 1000s of books and audio programs on the various subjects of dating, attraction, self-help/self-improvement, female psychology, body language, etc., have trained with some of the top instructors in the world, have gone on a 22-city tour across America teaching 1000s of men my secret techniques, and have used my skills to meet and date literally 100s of different of women!

In my experiences I’ve found amazing yet simple patterns that I now teach in order to help YOU get from meeting a women to having sex with her—sometimes within just minutes of meeting her—and I’m here to help you meet and attract the woman of your dreams or get the rock star sex life that you know—as a man—that you deserve!


I’ve noticed that to be successful with women that you must become a specific type of guy. You will learn how you can become more attractive and become the type of man who NATURALLY attracts beautiful women. But, I have to warn you , what I teach is REAL GAME, not cheesy pick-up lines or gimmicks but a whole lifestyle overhaul; from building up your social skills, to helping you reach a state of dynamic vibrant health, to helping you increase your wealth and finances. This is about looking better, dressing better, eating better, & feeling better too! It’s about becoming a REAL MAN; a man who knows how to handle his shit, and, it’s about helping you to become a real man who has a real life—a life worthy of having beautiful women in it!
If you will allow me to be your personal coach, teacher, and mentor, then I can promise to lead you to greatness (I also coach women as well).

If you’re ready to get yourself into the game then wait no longer, CALL ME TODAY.

I can’t wait to meet you, and I look forward to all of the beautiful women that we’re going to be meeting.

Best regards,
Ryan Jaunzemis

www.RyanJaunzemisLifestyleCoaching | 702.417.7714

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Prices as low as $99 per hour!

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This site is still under construction, I have just started building it Sept 2014. Appts available so call This site is still under construction, I have just started building it Sept 2014. Appts available so call today! (702) 417 – 7714, prices as low as $99 per hour!

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