ANSWER: “Lifestyle coaching” is a certain branch/sector of life coaching. A “life coach” is a person who listens, and then gives input/advice on any personal/specific issues at hand; dependent upon what the specific client is looking for.

The realms of self-help/self-improvement, etc, things are generally divided into three (3) parts; i.e.-health, wealth, & relationships. Life coaching clients may be searching for advice within any/all of these three (3) areas, and each of these three (3) areas also have their own specialized sub-categories.

For example, in the realm of “health” this specific topic may include general health & well-being, along with exercise & strength training, etc-etc-etc, but, may also encompass several other such topics as, for example: Diet & nutrition; which can then be broken down several times over. Other areas/elements of “health” spawn into meditation, breathing patterns, holistic healing, cleansing, aura healing, etc-etc-etc-etc-etc.

The term “health” may be used in regards to physical health, mental health, emotional health, and also, spiritual health, but, also many OTHER forms as well. Within each area of “health” one may seek out a certain/specific “coach” (for example, a “strength training” coach, a “nutrition” coach, a “motivational” coach, etc-etc-etc) all to whom of which are considered quote-unquote, “life coaches” within their own specific areas of expertise. To put this more simply, a “nutritional” coach is a “life coach” who specifically specializes within the field/realm of nutrition.

A “lifestyle” coach is a life coach, who specializes in the area of one’s own personal lifestyle. The realm of “lifestyle” broadly spans-out extensively over all three (3) areas of self-help; i.e.-health, wealth, & relationships.

Personally, I am a “lifestyle, dating & relationship” guru, meaning that I am a life coach who specializes mostly within the areas of giving lifestyle, dating, & relationship advice. This means that my primary area of expertise is dealing with issues on dating & relationships, but I am also qualified to give life coaching within areas of lifestyle, health, fitness, financial/wealth-building, etc, also with various other things.




ANSWER: The term “guru”, simply put, means master-teacher. For one to become a “guru” one must first become a master within his specific craft, and then begin to TEACH his craft to others. Only after years-and-years of experience can one finally be considered a quote-unquote, “guru.” This also means that the individual has their own unique method/philosophy in with they are teaching/applying.

For example, if a person earns a black belt within a certain style of martial arts and is then able to TEACH the same art form to others, and is competently able to create ANOTHER black belt, this will then qualify this individual as a quote-unquote, “master.” But, to become a quote-unquote, “guru” is different becoming a master, as a guru is one who has developed his own unique/specific methods/style. In the case of this example, if this master wished to become a guru in the martial arts, he would have to NOT be copying the EXACT style of training he had grew up learning, and would instead have to develop his own unique types of punches/kicks/strikes/take-downs, etc, and then become so proficient in using them that he could then teach them to others.

For example: Bruce Lee is a martial arts “guru” as he is the creator/originator of his own unique fighting style known as, “Jeet Kune Do;” a hybrid martial arts style consisting of 50% Wing-Chun style Kung-Fu, and 50% other various techniques in which Bruce himself created and/or implemented from other various fighting styles. Since Bruce Lee created his own unique fighting style he is hence labeled with the title “guru.”

In short: A “guru” is the originator and a master of a certain/specific idea/topic/philosophy, etc.

Personally, within the realms of seduction , I am the originator of what is known as the REAL GAME system, the TARGET MARKET ASSESSMENT PROGRAM, and several other seduction techniques.




ANSWER: Life coaching (as a whole), because it is done INDEPENDENTLY by individuals, and there is no quote-unquote, “quality control” (as there is no quote-unquote “right or wrong advice”, it’s just advice)—does not have any specific/set pricing; though it has a RANGE of competitive pricing within the industry.

Life coaching prices are usually calculated upon a case-by-case basis by the individual life coach. Every life coaching client will have a different issue, goal, and/or desired outcome, etc.

Normal/average prices for life coaching usually may range between $100.00-$350.00 per hour (whether live/in-person or phone/Skype coaching, etc), while other coaches may charge up to $25,000.00+ per hour. Some life coaches charge using a day-rate system with the average day-rate being anywhere between $2000.00-$15,000.00+ per day (*usually based upon an 8-12 hour day of live/in-person coaching), while other coaches may charge up to $75,000.00-$250,000.00+ per day.

Personally, I primarily deal with dating & relationship advice. You can expect to spend between $100.00-$15,000.00. For example, I may charge $99.00 per hour for a phone/Skype coaching session. For beginners I may charge $250.00 for a 2-hour, 1-on-1, private, in-field, coaching session. For advanced students I may charge a day-rate of $2,500.00 for an 8-hour, 1-on-1, private, in-field, coaching session. I may charge 7-10k for a full weekend of 1-on-1, private, in-field, coaching (etc-etc-etc).

Remember, everything is structured by a case-by-case basis. Life coaching prices are not generally set in stone; unless specifically noted.

Most life coaches will generally work with you and your budget, and payment plans are usually optional.




ANSWER: One must remember that some life coaches—especially life coaches within the fields of financial advice—do not necessarily only deal with the everyday Average Joe (who may be seeking basic financial advice on starting his first business), but also the rich wealthy C.E.O. of a multi-BILLION dollar corporation who is seeking a new financial strategy to improve his business.

For example, if a financial life coach was able deliver a proven business strategy to which might possibly increase one’s yearly profits by 10x fold (or possibly even 100x fold) —remember that we ARE talking about multi-MILLION, and sometimes even multi-BILLION dollar companies/corporations, etc—a simple investment of $250,000.00 really isn’t all that much.


ANSWER: Dealing with other people can, at times, often be quite confusing, but, human nature (in general) can actually be quite predictable, & programmable. One can actually do/say certain/specific things, etc, in which may generally provoke, or “trigger” certain/specific hard-wired responses and/or emotions, etc.

For example, if a man is dealing with a woman and he wants to “get” something from her, or “get” her to perform a specific action (i.e.-give you her phone number; give you love, affection, attention, approval, sex, etc-etc), that man will need to EXHIBIT certain/specific behaviors and/or characteristics, etc, in order for that woman to respond in the way that he wants her to. If this man DOES NOT exhibit the CORRECT behaviors and/or characteristics/social-ques, etc, then the woman in which he may be dealing with will thus not respond in the way in which he may want her to.

A dating & relationship coaching client will usually have an issue within this realm and will then seek advice on what he/she can do in which to get the results they might be wanting.Specific things in which an individual might be wanting may include: A relationship, more sex, more confidence, better skills with dealing with the opposite sex… the resolve of a relationship issue… the correction of a specific behavior, etc, within their partner, etc-etc-etc.


ANSWER: Wrong! If you are not getting the results in which you want with the opposite sex then that should be a direct indication to you that you DO NOT have the “goods” in which they are looking for.

For example, if a business wants to sell a certain/specific product but nobody is buying this specific product, then business will be forced to either: 1, CHANGE the product; so as to better suit the needs of the customer. Or 2, go out of business—plain & simple!

If you are NOT successful in dealing with the opposite sex then you only have one (1) choice, and that is: Change yourself & your life! If one wants THINGS in their life to CHANGE, then one must CHANGE THINGS in their life.

If you feel this way about not wanting to change and you just want someone to “love you for who you are”, you are not alone in this type of thinking, but, I do have a few suggestions for you.

For example, for the time being, you may want to just experiment with a few things. This does not mean that you have to be a different version of you FOREVER, but maybe you might want to jsut experiment with a few of these new tips/techniques/concepts, etc, just for the time being. Maybe try to experiment with these things in which you will be learning just to see what happens!

Many people have come to try a few of my top-secret tips & techniques and have quickly come to discover that these concepts were actually something in which they were missing within themselves as men all along!

Remember that you can play with some of these concepts as if you were on a fantasy-like adventure, similar to going out on Halloween; i.e.-dressing up in a costume, playing make-believe, saying things to women in which you would never have dreamed-of before, and basically just playing with some of the concepts just to see what happens. I’m going to suggest to you to try and open yourself up to a few new tips/ideas/concepts, etc.


ANSWER: Absolutely! And I will explain exactly how.

A woman’s “attraction circuitry” within her brain does not “fire” the same way as it does in a man’s brain. A man’s attraction circuitry is wired to respond to a woman’s PHYSICALITY (i.e.-her looks/appearance, etc; body type, hair color, eye color, hips-to-waist ratio, skin tone, breast augmentation, etc-etc-etc) AND, a woman’s level of PERCEIVED SEXUAL AVAILABILITY (i.e.-how sexually available is she? Is she flirty? Does she possess a fun vibe/attitude? Does she have a fashion sense which allows for a certain level of sexuality? How sexually confident does she appear? Etc-etc-etc).

A woman’s attraction circuitry fires more in accordance to things such as a man’s level of IMMEDIATE social status (i.e.-what is his position within the social hierarchy within the IMMEDIATE setting. For example: Is he a LEADER or a FOLLOWER?)

For example, if a woman meets a man in a club, she is not necessarily judging him solely based upon his physical appearance (as a man tends to judge a woman). A woman is more-so judging him on WHO/WHAT he is, and WHAT he represents—I will explain.

For example, is this man a just another patron getting a drink at the bar? Is he a bus boy cleaning tables? Is he the club OWNER? Is he in the band that is playing on stage? And, if so, if he is actually in the band, what is his POSITION within the band? For example, is he a back-up dancer, or is he the LEAD singer? Etc. It is more-so about the man’s POSITION within the social hierarchy, and his CHARACTER.

A women is also judging a man on his level of male dominance/power over OTHER males. She is judging on his levels of self-confidence, self-security, composure, class, prestige, etc. A woman will be judging NOT ONLY the way this man ACTS, but more importantly, how OTHERS react TO HIM. And, MOST IMPORTANTLY—above all else—a woman is judging HOW this man makes her FEEL when he is around her.

This is great news for most single men! This means that it really doesn’t matter if you are physically not that attractive. You can be short, bald, not that good looking, etc, and, with hard work & training, you can still be able to attract hot women! You just have to work on your character, and learning how to build VALUE for yourself as a man. This is what you will be learning how to do, fast, when you get personal coaching.