I have to tell you something. Something most other dating coaches/gurus will never share with you. You see, most dating coaches will tell you things like: “Looks don’t really count”a nd that, “It’s really all about CONFIDENCE bro!” Or, they will tell you other stupid shit, such as, “Just try to be conservative.” Or, they might just say to you, “Just get some jeans and a button-up shirt, and some nice dress shoes from Ross.” And, even though SOME of this type of advice MAY sound like it might get you results with women, unfortunately, in real life, in most cases, it sadly will not.

You see, hot girls are looking for something different. . .  someone who stands out from the crowd.

Essentially what hot girls are looking for, is, THE MAN, but, I’m not talking about just some random guy who looks & dresses like he just hangs out in an office all day, I’m talking about a special type of man. I will explain.




Let me ask you a question: HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET READY BEFORE YOU GO OUT? Really, just think about his for a moment or two.

If you’re like MOST guys, then you probably answered “about 20-30 minutes or so.” Fair? Okay, good. Now let me ask you a second question: How long do you think women take to get ready before they go out? Well, if you’re like most guys, then you probably answered something like, “a couple of hours.”Probably sounds about right? Well, unfortunately that would be wrong. The real answer? Try a few. . . MONTHS! No, really! I’m serious! Before a woman goes out for the evening to a bar/club, etc, with her girlfriends she has literally taken MONTHS to get ready for her night out. Don’t believe me? Well, then I’ll prove it to you right now!

You see, women don’t just get ready on the spur of the moment. They are not like guys who can simply just throw on some blue jeans and a button-up shirt and walk out the door. Women take the time to shave their legs. They shave their pussy. They put on make-up; which costs $100s & $100s of dollars! (*I challenge you to go visit Sephora or a Mac shop and research some of the prices.) They have to shower and do their hair; which can literally take HOURS dependent upon the style (curling/crimping, etc-etc-etc). But, even before all these same-day endeavors, women literally take months of pre-planning for the outfits they want to wear!

Women literally spend months-on-end, week-after-week, shopping at the mall to find the PERFECT shoes to match the PERFECT dress that she may have bought several months before, but was never able to wear it as of yet; as she didn’t have the shoes yet. Then they have to go on the endless quest, exploring store after store, just to find the PERFECT purse, or the PERFECT accessories to wear with it. Have you as a man ever taken this type of dedication in order to look good for the opposite sex? My guess is, probably not! However, if you’re reading this BLOG post, then I’m going to assume that you might be different, and that you want to change, and finally step up your fashion game so that you can start attracting hotter women. Fair?



Learn what to wear to INSTANTLY generate ATTRACTION with BEAUTIFUL WOMEN!


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Ryan was a lot of help in changing how I approached people, and how I presented myself to others. His hands-on approach worked better than listening to a lot of theory & testimonials.

Ryan took me out to Caesar’s Palace and immediately had me start APPROACHING & talking to every WOMAN in the vicinity; so he could quickly observe, analyze, & advise me on my APPROACH. He also spent some time covering my sense-of-fashion and on the various impressions it might have upon other people. He then took me over to the mall for a FULL MAKEOVER from head-to-toe!

Ryan has been a GREAT HELP in changing the way I present myself to the world, and to women! He is a true GURU of PICK-UP and I would RECOMMEND HIS TRAINING TO ANYONE wanting to better themselves when it comes to achieving more SUCCESS when it comes to dealing with WOMEN.

-Atul Sigul, 38, Las Vegas, NV


There is a METHOD in which to follow which will help you to begin ATTRACTING more women, but you have to understand how ATTRACTION actually works; which will unveil WHY a man can wear certain things in order to garner more female attention.

To put this in a nutshell, females are generally seeking out the man with the most utility; the most usefulness (in the immediate environment). They are looking for the most powerful, most dominant, most territorial, most alpha guy. They seek other things as well, such as good looks, height, money, humor, etc-etc-etc, but primarily they seek a male with the highest social status/value, etc. There are many ways to describe the various traits that women want in a partner, but I think you get the idea. Essentially, they are looking for the biggest & baddest cock.

Now, if you can understand the basic idea of female attraction, then I will continue to explain the next piece of the puzzle.

In the “PUA/Seduction community” there is a term known as “PEACOCKING” (a term coined by the PUG Mystery). Peacocking is a slang term describing the courtship/mating dance/act, etc, in which a male peacock performs by standing up tall & proud as he fans out his tail feathers in the presence of a pea-hen in order to garner her attention & affection, so as to ultimately mate with him thus allowing his superior genes into the next generation over the other competing peacocks—ONLY THE STRONG SHALL SURVIVE!




When a male peacock fans his tail feathers, the pea-hen then is quickly able to look him over to see if he is in fact the male with the biggest & brightest tail feathers, and the most symmetrical “eyes” thus proving her INSTANTLY that HE is the one to MATE with. This mating dance happens in literally just seconds! The female INSTINCTIVELY just KNOWS which male to choose, and then submits—it’s that quick! —And it can be for YOU TOO as well if you learn how to “PEACOCK” the RIGHT way!



The most important thing to understand about PEACOCK THEORY, is that there is ANOTHER element involved; besides the actual overlooking of the beauty oft he tail feathers—and understanding this basic principle is how the magic happens!

You see, the peacocks large tail feathers are NOT necessarily a survival tool for the bird. Having a giant tail to drag around all over the place DOES NOT assist the peacock in his everyday life of walking around forging for food, and it especially does not aid him in the escape of predators!

Imagine for just a moment, that YOU had a GIANT appendage attached to you, and that you were then being chased by a giant tiger that was trying to EAT YOU ALIVE! Having this large appendage wouldn’t necessarily help you out run this predator; neither so does the peacocks tail help him to get away from one; and of course, some of them WILL be eaten, naturally—this is EVOLUTION at work.




Now, the point of the story a the giant tail feathers not necessarily being an aid in the peacock’s survival, is that, just as a pea-hen is checking for perfection in the design of the tail feathers, she is also looking at how big the tail is. What is happening here is that, the male is in fact displaying to the female, “Hey, check me out! Even with this GIANT TAIL I have here, I have managed to STILL survive! I am FASTER than any predator! I have been able to outrun ALL of them, therefore, I AM THE BEST CHOICE TO MATE WITH!”




So how does all of this translate to getting girls? Easy! You don’t have to be the best looking guy, or the tallest, or the richest, etc-etc-etc, instead, you can bypass all of that by simply dressing more outlandishly than the next guy; thus proving to a female that YOU are mightier than the next guy!



Yes, you might. You might look a little weird, sure. But, that’s the whole point! WE We want to STAND OUT from the crowd! —the other “competing males.” (Plus, if you do it right, you won’t actually look “weird” at all. when its done right you will look & feel like a rockstar, and women will respond accordingly!)

You have to begin changing your perception of how & why we as humans use clothes. In the dawn of time, we began using clothing to protect our feet and keep warm, however, even back in those days, primitive people still would wear certain items (beads, piercings, necklaces, etc-etc-etc) in order to display rank/status within the tribe.

Try to understand that the basic rule of nature is that MALES COURT, & WOMEN CHOOSE! —That’ it! —Period! So why not leverage modern fashion in order to help you to get girls?




You see, here’s the thing, what you are actually doing by dressing very outlandish is demonstrating to a women that you can stand up to the social-pressure of other men. For example, I occasionally wear giant spiked gauntlets, yet I am a rapper. But wait? Shouldn’t rappers wear bling-bling? Sure, if they want to, and sometimes I do wear bling-bling, but not always. However, imagine a white guy showing up to an open mic wearing spiked gauntlets and black nail polish. Obviously, A LOT of guys at this type of event would instantly begin player hating on me, sure, but I EXPECT it, and also, I anticipate it and use it to my advantage. You see, by doing this, I ALREADY KNOW that guys will hate on me. they will make snickering comments about my spikes to other artists there. they may even approach me and call me names.

The important thing here, is to understand, that when this happens, or when you are attempting a technique such as this, that you simply: Keep your cool! Act like what they say about do doesn’t even phase you. In fact, you can even act as if you think its’ kind of cute, or even pathetic. When you are not phased by other men’s reactions, girls will IMMEDIATELY take notice of you. They will begin to wonder to themselves, “Who is this guy? How is he so confident? He must be someone important, or be rich, or famous, or something” (Etc). Make sense?





Sometimes guys will approach me and make comments such as, “I don’t like your spikes!” In this instance, all I do is keep my cool, make sure that the girl that I want (my target) is nearby (perhaps it may even be HIS girl—though not for long) and then I snap back with what is called “cocky/funny” humor, and say something such as, “Oh yeah? Well. . . guess what? They don’t like you either.” And then I crack a quick James-Bond-like smirk/half-smile, and then slightly turn my back to him as if what he said didn’t even phase me in the slightest. By doing this I have then demonstrated SOCIAL DOMINANCE to my target, and, she will INSTANTLY find me MORE ATTRACTIVE.

You see, it’s not enough to just wear some random crazy outfit or jewelry, you have to know to to OWN IT!



A lot of guys hear bits & pieces about this term “PEACOCKING.” The problem is that most guys learn about it, and then proceed to go waaaaaayyyy overboard! This is absolutely not necessary.

All you really need is just one (1) interesting item. This “item” may not necessarily be an outfit, or a hat, or accessory, it may be something as simple as a new tattoo, or piercing. All you really need is just enough to stand out in the specific environment that you are at.


Notice the picture below. I’m wearing a nice custom-tailored suit (no tie), designer jeans, dress shoes (real dress shoes, not Wal-Mart dress shoes), but to stand out I have gotten a lip-stick kiss tattoo, and for this specific evening I have applied a slight sheen of Aquaphor over the top to REALLY make it pop. Not TOO MUCH, but ENOUGH to stand out at the venue where I’m going for the evening; small upscale ultra-lounge called: Ghostbar at the Palms Hotel & Casino. This tattoo is just enough to get hot girls walking up and approaching ME, asking me questions such as, “is that a real kiss or a tattoo?” Or, “Who kissed you?” (*This is also known as using: “CHICK-BAIT.”)



The main thing to remember, is that it DOESN’T MATTER what a girl says to me, as long as she approaches me, then the ball is in my court. I just have to not screw it up!

Whether she likes, or dislikes my peacocking is really of no matter. If a girl approaches me, and comments on something I am wearing/doing, etc, then she’s interested—there’s no other reason for her to approach me otherwise.

You see, hot women don’t just approach strangers to engage in casual conversation. It would be nice if they did, but they don’t. They’re hot, they don’t have to! —Period.

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Learn how using just the right amount of ACCESSORIES can get HOT GIRLS BEGGING for your ATTENTION in the CLUB!



notice my accessory?


‘notice ho I have now used the locki-n prop to now locki n my target? SHEs got my she-devil horns on her head, so she can’t go anywhere. Now she’s mine!


you can repeat this technique on more girls in the club!


Learn how to become CONFIDENT, and wear what YOU want, and to ELIMINATE any SOCIAL-PRESSURE from other hating MEN!



Learn how-to become the LIFE of the PARTY, and OWN the ROOM!



Learn how to dress so that you can PULL other guy’s CHICKS like a REAL PIMP!


Other men will hate, but you must understand, that the way you dress, to a woman, sometimes, the more outlandish that you are, the more of, “THE MANSHE will think that you are, and will quickly be BEGGING for your ATTENTION!



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