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Most people have the fundamental idea (as programed by society), that in order to attract MORE wealth/abundance into their lives, that they must do either 1 of 2 things: 1, they must either work more hours. Or 2, they must get a 2nd/3rd/4th job, etc-etc-etc. I believe that BOTH of these 2 options are LOSING STRATEGIES for attracting more wealth/abundance into your life.

If we take a deeper look into how money can be made, we will clearly see that there are 3 VERY distinct ways of earning it. (1) Trading TIME for money (i.e.-working an hourly/salary position for an employer). (2) Investing/gambling (i.e.-using previously-earned/borrowed-money to either use to: 1, invest within the HOPES that it MAY generate MORE revenues. Or, 2, gamble/bet with it; in the HOPES that you may ultimately win MORE MONEY in return). Or, finally (3), you can make money from what many wealthy people out there would describe as, “multiple-sources of income” (*also known as diversity/diversive-income/diversification/passive-income, etc; along with several other such names); i.e.-creating 1 or more sources/products, etc, in which are readily available, and are for sale to the public (*which is what we are going to discuss briefly here within this blog-post. (*For more information, please make sure to check out my new #1 bestselling book: “10 STEPS TO SUCCESS.”)


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If you take a closer look at the more wealthier people within our society you will quickly come to discover that most of them are earning their money via multiple sources of income.

Most people tend to think that in order to earn MORE MONEY that they will thus then have to start working 2 or more jobs, and start working 80+ hours per week… or, perhaps try to work some over-time so as to try and earn TIME-AND-A-HALF. The problem here, is that even if a person were to work 100+ hours per week, this individual will still be having to trade their TIME in exchange for MONEY, and (also), there is also still a SALARY-CAP on this specific individual’s income!

I believe that if YOU are like most people, then what YOU are probably REALLY wanting, is to have MORE MONEY, and also, to have MORE FREE TIME! —Sounds pretty good, right?




Well, a few years back, during several secret underground business & marketing meetings/conferences in which I had the pleasure of attending, I had quickly stumbled upon this new idea, and had realized, that in order to start making MORE MONEY (and also to be able to have MORE FREE TIME; so as to pursue many of my other dreams, goals, & passions, etc-etc), that I would have to begin creating what these various wealthy people—in whom I had been introduced to—had described as multiple-sources on income for myself.

I had realized that I had ALREADY recently developed SEVERAL things (products) within my own life, in which I could possibly/potentially be earning income from (i.e.-passive income), but, at the time, I had not yet put 2-and-2-together.

To give you a brief bit of history, in my personal life I have been making music since I was 4-years-old. Over the course of the last 30 years I have roughly created over 15,000+ songs (*though several-thousand of those works were destroyed during a major power-outage back in 2003 in which had deleted my entire computer hard-drive, though I still had several-thousand others saved/remaining on an alternate hard drive). I had quickly come to realize that each of these songs, in this new digital, self-publishing world in which we now reside in, could potentially each be sold as a “single” on iTunes for 99¢ (or $1.29, or $2.00—etc-etc), or, even an entire album for $9.98 (or $11.99, or 17.99—etc-etc-etc), right?) Basically, the bottom-line is this: The more products in which a business puts out, the more potential income/revenue one can theoretically be earning! Makes sense, right?


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Each single product in which a person/business puts out there can thus be ANOTHER multiple-source of income! For example, I wrote a book about my Soap Shoes ventures entitled, “SOAP SHOES — Secret Tips & Tricks”; which is currently available for sale on This single book/product ALONE is one (1) source of my income; i.e.-when a person/customer/reader, etc, buys 1 or more copies of this book/product, the royalties which are earned are then instantly deposited into my bank/PayPal account, and will then be readily available to me for spending! This means that I can essentially be making money WHILE IS SLEEP!


soap shoes secret tips and tricks amazon


Think about this for a moment: The product is DONE… COMPLETE… FINISHED! I never, ever, EVER have to touch it again!

Now, for THAT one specific body-of-work I did spend approximately 18+ months of my life (and all of my free-time), writing & editing it, and then finally getting it published, but, now, it is ABSOLUTELY FINISHED, and, is thus now being hosted online via a 3rd-party manufacturer/distributor. This means that personally, I never even have to look at this product again if I don’t feel like it! —It’s done! This means that I can be on vacation in the tropics, relaxing somewhere in a hammock on a peaceful deserted beach, and I can STILL potentially be making money! —Just imagine the possibilities!

For example, perhaps some skater kid in Croatia (or the Netherlands, or France, or Guam, or New Delhi… or ANYWHERE ELSE on the planet) may be perusing around online, and, who just happens to like Soap Shoes, and then, just decides to pull out their parent’s credit card and purchase it. Again, this means that I can be relaxing in that hammock in the tropics, and then… “DING!” Get an alert/notification on my iPhone (*as obviously if I was relaxing in a hammock out in the tropics then you could probably guess that my phone would be set on vibrate, or left back in my hotel room, etc), which will quickly inform me that MONEY has just been deposited into my bank/PayPal account! —How amazing is that?! This means no more 9-5-job slaving away for someone else! —No boss! No time-card! No having to deal with customers! No ass-kissing! No hassle! No bull-shit! No NOTHING!

Now, here’s the kicker! —And THIS is how you’re going to make that REAL money! It has been found that anytime a person creates a body-of-work, it can instantly be split into 3 (OR MORE) SEPARATE SOURCES OF INCOME!

For example, if I were to (for example) record a piece-of-information on a video, then I would now have a VIDEO for sale, correct? But, if we were to strip the video, then what now would we be left with? Well, we would then still be left with the AUDIO portion of this product (i.e.-CD/.MP3/.WAV-file/.AIFF, etc-etc-etc) which we can ALSO sell; i.e.-we now have two (2) separate products, correct? (A VIDEO PRODUCT, and an AUDIO product.) And, if we then strip the audio, what would we then still be left with? Well, we would then still be left with the TEXT version of whatever was said on the video/audio file, etc; which can thus be either sold as a Kindle E-book/.PDF file, etc, and, also a PAPERBACK version (*which when a physical paper-product is made, it then too can ALSO be split between not only paperback, but also, HARDCOVER, etc; i.e.-two (2) separate products yet again!

So, in the end: One (1) single video-information-product (VSL) is now thus sellable as now FIVE (5) SEPARATE PRODUCTS! —All of which can potentially be making a person money while they sleep!

You see, different people enjoy different types of media—plain & simple; and also, PROVEN! And, some people ALSO enjoy COLLECTIONS, and/or ALL FORMS OF A PARTICULAR PERSON(s)/ARTIST(s)/AUTHOR(s) WORK.

For example, Erik Von Markovic is one of my personal favorite authors. He has a dating & seduction book entitled, “The Mystery Method” which I absolutely love, and which I continue to read (& re-read) all the time! But, I don’t just own the paperback version of this book, I also own the audio book version of it as well (so that I can listen to it in my car on the way to work). Plus, I ALSO own the Kindle E-Book version of it as well (so that I can read it on my iPhone during my breaks if I am perhaps out-and-about, etc). So, even though this product might be the SAME PRODUCT, when it is split into various different forms of media, the author/producer/artist, etc, can also be getting paid in MULTIPLE WAYS!

In the case of the previous example, I have paid this particular author three (3) times for the SAME PRODUCT! And, I, and also many other highly successful individuals that I know, all do the same thing—with MANY different products!

For example, my new book “10 STEPS TO SUCCESS” is available in paperback, but, it is also available in a Kindle/E-book version, and, it is also available as a streamable audio-version on my YouTube channel as well! And, I STILL get paid even though the audio version is available FREE on YouTube, and on my website, because I am a YouTube Partner and my YouTube channel is MONETIZED! This means that any video that someone watches on my YouTube channel will have ads running across it periodically. This means that if an ad is displayed (*and clicked upon), then I get paid! This money just racks-up in a special YouTube account and I am then sent a check in the mail periodically from YouTube every time I hit a $100.00 threshold! This means that even though you might be reading this book (or listening to it, etc-etc) it is not just one (1) product, it is actually—at minimum—three (3) DIFFERENT products (*or more) in one!

In my book “SOAP SHOES — Secret Tips & Tricks” that is not just one (1) book either! The full product is the quote-on-quote “full-color deluxe, paperback version”; which is $97.00 dollars on But, as you may guess, not everyone may be able to afford $97.00, so, that being the case, I have also made a more affordable, “black & white” version entitled, “PRO SOAPER“, which is also available in paperback for $19.95, and on Kindle as an E-book for $2.99. I have also taken only certain parts of it and made entirely new products which are called “EXCERPTS.”


pro soaper amazon 1


For example, my book “THE NEW SOAP SHOES TRICKTIONARY (Version 2.0)” is actually PART-OF my book “SOAP SHOES — Secret Tips & Tricks”, but, what if perhaps someone ONLY wants to learn the actual Soap Shoe’s tricks, but is not necessarily interested in reading my personal story/autobiography, or any of the other add-ins? (Etc.) Well, the solution was to create an excerpt; which is now an entirely new source of income (i.e.-1, a paperback book. 2, an E-book. And, 3, an audio-book! Does this make sense? The lesson here, is you can strip one (1) single product into as many different separate sources of income as you want and continue capitalizing your income!

Now, just imagine if you were to create an entire product-line/product-curriculum, etc-etc, for your personal business; i.e.-books, CDs, MP3s, DVDs, instant downloads, etc-etc-etc! Imagine all of the money that you could then potentially be earning via multiple-sources of income rather than slaving away at some 9-5 desk job in which you most likely hate?

I would urge you to try and take off possibly the next 1-2 years from your life and begin to spend all of your free-time creating your new multiple-sources of income. In a year from now, you could potentially be making money while you sleep while all of your other friends are still out there grinding away, and working their same old boring dead-end jobs! This is the real secret to attracting wealth & abundance, and generating mass-amounts of income very quickly & efficiently!




This is the time for it guys! With 3rd-party manufactures/distributors available at the click of your mouse… with the rise of the internet… with the rise of social media and other online stores & publishing companies, etc, this is now the time to make it happen! Also, you will begin to notice that as the more products in which you release, the more people will begin to watch your YouTube videos; which means more money for more clicks on more ads, etc! But, as more people watch your videos, more people will also then begin to visit your website(s) and begin purchasing your products; which means (again) more money from more product sales! In time, everything begins to compound upon itself—very similar to the effect of an avalanche!

It may take you some time to find the right hill, and ball together your snowball of success. But, as you begin to ball your snowball together, and begin slowly rolling it through the snow, sooner-or-later, as you get a solid enough ball together, and it begins to pick up speed as it rolls along down the hill, it will soon begin to grow exponentially bigger, and bigger, AND BIGGER! —And so on and so forth.

One (1) new product out there may start making you just a bit of extra grocery money. Five (5) new products out there may make you enough the following year to purchase a new home. Ten or twenty (10 or 20), plus your new DVD… plus your new clothing line… plus your new BLANK, and BLANK, and BLANK, etc-etc-etc-etc-etc. —You get the idea, right?

For example, watch the way musicians/bands use this unique technique. Many of the top music artists in the world make records and sell CDs/.MP3 downloads, etc, but, they also play live shows & sell concert tickets. The revenues from selling these concert tickets are one (1) of their multiple sources of income. They may also sell merchandise at their concerts, and also on their websites; i.e.-T-shirts, hats, sweatshirts, etc-etc-etc (thus yet ANOTHER multiple source of income). Some even go as far as hiring a film crew so as to video tape their live concerts/events, etc, and then sell a DVD of their performance(s) for their fans as well! They will also make money off YouTube music videos, interviews, stories, documentaries, etc-etc-etc.




The reason most big name bands are so successful is that they don’t necessarily focus on making one big “hit” like so many amateur garage-band musicians may dream of. Successful bands more-so focus on building an ENTERPRISE of multiple-sources of income—at least that’s what I’ve picked-up along the way working with several-thousand of the top-name music acts within the music/entertainment industry. Make sense?

I would urge you to try this technique. Do it! Enjoy it! And begin to watch money start to flow towards you from all different angles!

This technique can even be taken up a notch to, instead of putting out multiple products, maybe perhaps you might want to own multiple businesses; i.e.-fast food restaurants/franchises, apartment buildings/complexes, convenience stores, etc-etc-etc-etc-etc! —The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Have fun with this technique, and may you succeed in whatever it is that you wish to do!

For more information, and for more tips & tricks on attracting more wealth & abundance into your life, make sure to pick up a copy of my new book, “10 STEPS TO SUCCESS.”

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Best of luck to you, and may you prosper greatly!

REMEMBER: Multiple-sources of income!


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