Law of Attraction Explained



Simply stated: The Law of Attraction is a universal law that connects like-energy wave vibrations.

The Law of Attraction is a universal law; similar to the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity, simply stated, is a universal law that holds matter into place; i.e.-what goes up, must come down.

For example, if a person were to fall off of the edge of a building, the Law of Gravity does not care whether this person (he/she, etc) is a good person, or a bad person; i.e.-Gravity is not a conscious/intelligent entity, or sentient being. “Gravity” is simply just a universal law of nature (one of many) that is just doing its job. This means that if you were to fall off of the edge of a building, then you ARE going to hit the ground! —For it is LAW! However, there are also OTHER universal laws which can SUPERSEDE the Law of Gravity!

The Law of Gravity, by nature, pulls matter towards the center of mass. On our planet Earth, all things are pulled towards the center of the planet. However, there are larger objects in space, such as our Sun, which also have gravity; which thus holds our Earth in it’s orbit—amongst all other astral bodies within our solar system. However, in terms of localized gravity on planet Earth (a powerful force of nature pulling all things down towards our ground) if we look up into our sky we still see things such as birds, bees, butterflies, airplanes, helicopters, drones, etc-etc-etc-etc-etc, which somehow seem to defy the Law of Gravity. But, how can this be? Well, this is because these things are employing a SUPERIOR LAW of nature to the Law of Gravity, known as, the “Law of Lift.”

There are many, MANY powerful, universal laws, one of the most powerful laws being the Law of Attraction.

Just like the Law of Gravity naturally pulls all matter towards the center of a larger mass, the Law of Attraction, similarly, also has a PULLING POWER of its own, but, it is on a matter of pulling ENERGY; specifically, the ENERGY of THOUGHT.

You see, the thoughts that we think in our heads/minds, etc, are actually physical & measurable things! The thoughts that we think, when emitted from our minds, have an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC signature in nature (similar to VHF or UHF radio waves, etc), though much, MUCH higher in frequency/vibration, etc!

When we think a thought we are actually broadcasting a specific FREQUENCY, and the Law of Attraction’s job is to then line a person up with that in which they may be wanting/desiring, or thinking about. . . or pondering upon. . . or day-dreaming about, etc-etc-etc.

For example, in your past, you may have been thinking a thought about an old friend that you perhaps had not seen in several years, but then, out of nowhere, all of a sudden, you then received a call from this person. For example:

Hello?” You say as you answer the phone.

Hey!” A familiar voice replies.

Bob?” you ask the caller.

Yeah! It’s Bob! Long time! How you been?” Bob asks.

Oh my God! I was just thinking about you the other day! What a coincidence!” You inform him.

Or, perhaps, you were thinking a thought about something in which you wanted, such as a gift for example, and then, out of nowhere, a person gives you the EXACT gift that you had been wanting! Has any of these types of things ever happened to you?

Many people might perhaps label these types of events “fate,” or “coincidence,” or “God,” or “good fortune,” etc-etc-etc, but, what is actually really happening here, is simply the Law of Attraction at work!


You must understand though, that the Law of Attraction, as mentioned before, is a  universal LAW; like the Law of Gravity. And, like the Law of Gravity, which is not bias towards any one, or any thing, etc, neither so is the LOA.

The Law of Gravity does not care whether you are a good person, or a bad person, and, if a person falls off of the edge of a building (whether it be on accident, or on purpose. . . or this person is pushed off, etc-etc-etc) then the Law of Gravity MUST do its job and pull this person towards the ground to their bloody death—PERIOD! —For it is LAW!

BEWARE: The Law of Attraction, like the Law of Gravity, is similar in nature so as to thus deliver like-energy to a person. Essentially, whatever it is that a person may be thinking about, the LOA will then be doing its job of drawing back the parallel, or the essence of these thoughts. Essentially, the Universe is continuously rearranging itself to match your internal desires. WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT, YOU BRING ABOUT!

This means that if you are thinking “good” thoughts about that in which you are wanting, then the Law of Attraction will do its job, and will thus begin to line you up with things that are liken to those “good” thoughts (for example, people, situations, experiences, circumstances, events, other good thoughts, ideas, emotions, etc-etc-etc) However, if you are thinking “negative” thoughts about that in which you DO NOT WANT, then the LOA will thus do its job and line you up with things that are liken to those “negative” thoughts! Like the old saying goes: “BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR, BECAUSE YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!”

The Law of Attraction; also known as, “The Secret,” popularized by Rhonda Byrne’s famous hit movie, entitled: “The Secret,” is called this name because the super rich & super wealthy have always known about this principle, and it has been talked about in all of the major religious, & philosophical texts which have been published throughout human history. For example: “WHAT YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP” -Jesus Christ. Or “ALL WE ARE IS THE RESULTS OF WHAT WE HAVE THOUGHT” -Guatama Budda. (Etc.)




In order to ensure your dream life with the Law of Attraction, and learn how to begin attracting the things into your life that you are REALLY WANTING, and to also, simultaneously, STOP ATTRACTING things into your life in which you DO NOT WANT, you must first begin to REALLY LEARN, & REALLY UNDERSTAND the LOA so that you can REALLY begin to leverage its PULLING POWER.

The super rich & super wealthy have always known about this powerful secret of the Law of Attraction. If you were to take notice of where all of the wealth has been established within the world; all of the cash flow, all of the luxury, all of the opulence, etc-etc-etc (i.e.-all the actual currency, etc), you will quickly come to discover that the top-1% (the super elite) control over 96% of all the money that is circulation! —And this is NOT by ACCIDENT, it’s DESIGNED this way! These people know & understand something that YOU DO NOT, they understand the secret of the LOA!

The elite class has always understood this top-secret principle, and kept it hidden from the public for 1000s & 1000s of years! They understand that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS, and that we can essentially BECOME WHAT WE THINK ABOUT!

It has been written in many banned books that the ancient rulers of this planet were visited by aliens 1000s & 1000s of years ago. They were taught how to use tools and were given all of the secrets to the Universe. This knowledge was soposed to be used for the purpose of good, and to help the people of this planet evolve, but the ancient rulers at the time had decided amongst themselves, to kept the masses in the dark as slaves, and this secret knowledge was thus then hidden from the public, and was then only passed down from generation to generation through these elite family’s bloodlines; though slowly, over many 1000s of years, small fragments, bits, & pieces of information about this great “secret” has slipped out. However, wherever this secret knowledge actually originates from is irrelevant. What’s important now, is that YOU now have access to it, and YOU can now  thus use its power to do your bidding!

By understanding, & leveraging the power of Law of Attraction anyone can now BE, DO, or HAVE, ANYTHING that they want!

The Law of Attraction can be just like your own personal genie! Just imagine finally having all of the wonderful things that you’ve always wanted; i.e.-the perfect partner & romance, the perfect body. . . your dream house. . . your  dream car. . . your dream job/career! Et cetera! —ANYTHING!




What you have to understand about the Law of Attraction though, is that, the LOA is not necessarily responding to just simply the “thoughts” in which you may be thinking, but also, and more importantly, the FEELINGS & EMOTIONS, and even most importantly, the actual VIBRATION or VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY/PATTERN, etc, in which you are physically releasing into the universe.

For example, if you are THINKING about “money,” but you are FEELING “badly” about money (such as in the case of “not having enough money to pay your rent, or for your bills,” etc, or “not having enough money to pay for your groceries, or for the clothes in which you want” etc-etc-etc), then the Law of Attraction will bring you MORE people, places, things, ideas, situations, scenarios, experiences, etc-etc-etc, that will also be on a like-vibration, or similar wave-length of “NOT HAVING ENOUGH MONEY.” Make sense?

In order to begin ATTRACTING the things in life in which you may be wanting, you will have to learn how-to begin thinking & feeling about things from a more “positive-like” perspective. By adding more FEELING into your thoughts this is how one can truly evoke the true power of Law of Attraction.




The Law of Attraction has a 5-step process (many will tell you otherwise, but these other LOA gurus are essentially keeping the actual secret, out of this secret!). I will explain.

The 1st step is to ASK; meaning to THINK & FEEL about what it truly is that you want in life. You have to be in ALIGNMENT with that in which you are wanting.

The 2nd step is to KNOW & BELIEVE; meaning that you know 100% that you can actually have, or are worthy of having (etc), that in which you are wanting.

The 3rd step is to TAKE ACTION (which is what MOST LOA gurus will never tell you!); meaning that you actually have to take an ACTION STEP and thus move in the direction of what you are wanting.

*NOTE: Your first action step may not necessarily be the correct action step, however, as long as you take SOME action step, the Universe will then do its part and will thus then REARRANGE ITSELF (so to speak) in order to help get you to where you want to be, or get you what you want to have.

Most LOA gurus will simply tell you to “ask” for what you want, and then will proceed to tell you to simply wait and “receive” your desire, but, if all you do is simply sit around and think & fantasize about what it is that you want but you never actually take any action steps what-so-ever towards getting what it is that you want, then the things that you so desire can never come! You must do your part in order for the Universe to do its part! —It is like that of a binding-contract between YOU & the UNIVERSE. There is an old saying that goes: “WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY,” which is INCORRECT! The true knowledge that has been kept secret/hidden from you, is that: “IF YOU DEMONSTRATE A WILL (by taking ACTION towards getting what you want), THEN THE WAY WILL BE CREATED.”

The 4th step is STAY ON IT & STAY FOCUSED; meaning that, like a fighter-jet pilot stays in pursuit of, and on the ass of an enemy fighter pilot, YOU TOO must stay focused upon, and keep taking action steps towards getting what it is that you are wanting. To put it more simply: DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE!

Essentially what is happening here, is that by doing things in this particular manner, you will then be VIBRATING at such a high-level of FREQUENCY that the Universe will have no choice but to eventually deliver to you that in which you are wanting! Make sense?

The 5th step is to then RECEIVE; though not to just GET what you want, but, to also be in a receiving PLACE of it. To know 100% that what you want IS COMING!  —And to be EXPECTING it to be delivered to you!

This means that you are not “NICELY” & “POLITELY” asking for something that you want from the Universe, and HOPING that it might come, but rather, KNOWING, ANTICIPATING, & EXPECTING your desire to manifest! —Similar to the way a boss asks, and then just already knows & expects a task to be completed by one of his subordinate employees. Make sense?

It is not: Please Universe, it would be really nice to have an extra $500.00 this month to buy new clothes. It is, I WILL have new clothes! I WILL have an extra $500.00 dollars by the 31st of this month to buy new clothes!(and then, begin to take an action step towards getting this $500.00 dollars for the new clothes that you want; such as volunteering to take extra shifts at work, or selling something on Craigslist, etc-etc-etc, anything you can physically in order to achieve your desire). However, once you are in the VIBRATION of REALLY RECEIVING this extra “$500.00 dollars,” that you so desire, you may not actually have to work any extra shifts at work, or have to sell anything at all! —This is when the MAGIC of LOA begins to happen!

The money in which you are wanting may be delivered to you from the Universe in the form of a special bonus at work, or lottery winnings. . . or perhaps, you may find a wallet on the ground with $500.00 dollars inside. . . or, you might find a $500.00 poker chip on the ground. Or, even more importantly, it may not even come in the form of “money” at all!

For example, you may suddenly just receive an overwhelming inspiration, or idea, etc, to go out for a walk outside, and then, while you are taking a stroll, you may then notice a neighbor having a garage/moving sale, etc, and you may just see the exact same outfit in which you were planning on already buying anyways!

Perhaps this neighbor who is having this garage sale had actually bought the EXACT SAME outfit that you wanted just days ago, but then had decided to sell it as he found that he was behind on his rent. He could have simply just returned to to the store and got a full refund, but he’d lost the receipt. In this case, the Universe is just lining you up with EXACTLY what you are REALLY wanting, and thus bypassing the need of even having to get the “money” for what you want.

From the Universe’s perspective, in the terms of “VIBRATION,” & “ENERGY,” what you were really wanting/desiring, was new clothing, not “money” (as money is really just a medium of exchange that would be used in order to BUY the clothes in which you want). Make sense? THE UNIVERSE WILL REARRANGE ITSELF IN THE QUICKEST, SIMPLEST, FASTEST ROUTE POSSIBLE, IN ORDER TO GAIN YOU THAT IN WHICH YOU DESIRE.

Some may say that this type of situation could just be “luck,” but it is not just luck, or merely “coincidence” (etc), it is the powerful Law of Attraction in ACTION!



Most people are creating their life by default. Most people walk around and go throughout their daily lives thinking whatever random thoughts pop into their heads, and will thus then—by the power of Law of Attraction—attract into their lives the randomness of these random thoughts; thus because they do not know this secret power of how to leverage the LOA, they will then never really get out of life anything in which they may really & truly desire. However, once you begin to learn how-to consciously CHOOSE your THOUGHTS, and then consciously CREATE POWERFUL FEELINGS which can then be associated with these thoughts, and you then also begin taking the proper ACTION STEPS towards achieving these desires, YOU TOO can then ensure your dream life using the power of LOA, and you will then be able to manifest ANYTHING into your life that you choose!




Coming Winter 2017! Stay tuned!