Ryan’s teachings go beyond ALL SCIENCE, ALL RELIGION, & ALL PHILOSOPHY!

-David Rubenfeld, 20, Suffern, NY


I was able to do my 1-ON-1 TRAINING with Ryan which opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me! For HARD-PROOF, I met a GIRL on Friday night, Saturday night we went out, and I brought her home and had SEX with her! I never would have done that without this shit!

-Aaron Zier, 28, Las Vegas, NV



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(Aaron Zier Testimonial Continued)

I had recently just been divorced, moved out, and had started to begin a new life of my own. I had a few aspects of myself that I wanted to improve, and talking to women—especially BEAUTIFUL WOMEN—was one of them. Lucky for me I had found Ryan & The Las Vegas Lair (*a PUA; i.e.-“pick-up artist” meetup group).

I followed the group on the website for a while before actually taking that initial first step to go and meet with Ryan & the rest of the crew in person, but, I am so glad that I took that first step!

If you ask a guy where approaching an attractive woman stands in his list of fears I believe that most guys would defiantly tell you that it would probably be in his top-5, but, after learning there was an EXACT SCIENCE to ATTRACTING WOMEN I then personally set out to overcome that fear!

I have gone through two separate 1-ON-1 INFIELD COACHING SESSIONS with Ryan and it has been LIFE CHANGING!

When I was talking to Ryan prior to my first session he told me that my balls were about to grow in size, and, after learning the material in which he had prepared for me, that is exactly what happened!

Since training with Ryan and joining The Las Vegas Lair, I have had interactions with many BEAUTIFUL WOMEN. I have gotten PHONE NUMBERS, DATES, random MAKE-OUT SESSIONS, and, I even slept with a hottie one night after I met her! And now, I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND; who I met at a party, that I never would have made myself go to if I didn’t have the courage that Ryan’s training & knowledge has given me. But, even greater than that, are the effects this has had on my personality; which has spilled over into every other aspect of my life! —From work, to friends, to family, and, with any other interaction with anyone that I meet!

It’s not just about getting laid, it’s about SELF IMPROVEMENT, & PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT. On top of that, I have realized that I am not, and never was, alone!

Every guy in the group has gone through the same (or similar) experiences in which I have been through, or experienced. We have all been that dweeb/dork/nerd, etc, in high school, that got picked on. We have all been that guy with big-rimmed glasses who drops his books & papers in the middle of the halls while getting stepped on, picked on, or kicked, etc, but now. . . all that has changed!

Now I can walk up to a beautiful woman and start a conversation with her. . . get her phone number, set up a date—ANYTHING! I can build attraction, and, I can get her in bed! —ME! I can do this! And, anyone else can too!


-Aaron Zier, 28, Las Vegas, NV


Dude, your book 10 STEPS TO SUCCESS really helped me out bro! I now have confidence in myself and feel comfortable in my own body. I put the skills that you taught me to the test. . . the result? I got a GIRL!

Thank you so much bro!

-Brandon Rodriguez, 16, Chicago, IL

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Ryan was a lot of help in changing how I approached people, and how I presented myself to others. His hands-on approach worked better than listening to a lot of theory & testimonials.

Ryan took me out to Caesar’s Palace and immediately had me start APPROACHING & talking to every WOMAN in the vicinity; so he could quickly observe, analyze, & advise me on my APPROACH. He also spent some time covering my sense-of-fashion and on the various impressions it might have upon other people. He then took me over to the mall for a FULL MAKEOVER from head-to-toe!

Ryan has been a GREAT HELP in changing the way I present myself to the world, and to women! He is a true GURU of PICK-UP and I would RECOMMEND HIS TRAINING TO ANYONE wanting to better themselves when it comes to achieving more SUCCESS when it comes to dealing with WOMEN.

-Atul Sigul, 38, Las Vegas, NV


I just want to thank you man! In my 2 months of training with you, I have gone from having APPROACH ANXIETY for one average girl, to being able to open a 5-SETof ATTRACTIVE WOMEN and CONTROL THE FRAME! By far the BEST COACH IN LAS VEGAS, and only going to get better!

I would RECOMMEND TRAINING with Ryan WITHOUT HESITATION to anyone wanting to better themselves, & their lives. Thanks again, brother!

-Eric Wheaton, 24, Las Vegas, NV


Ryan does things that are outside the box. . . he’s breaking the mold. . . he’s finding new ways to do pick-up. . . he’s pushing it further!


-Robb Papagno (a.k.a. Papa G), 38, Las Vegas, NV


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Ryan’s got all the right moves! His techniques are fun, easy to learn, straight-to-the-point, and scientifically-designed to get you REAL RESULTS when it comes to ATTRACTING WOMEN.

Ryan gave me a top-secret opening line that he made up, which he calls, “The Island Opener.” I used it on a hot girl named Alex and I got her PHONE NUMBER, & a DATE, on my first day of training! —I also got ANOTHER GIRLS’ NUMBER too!

Dude knows his shit, I can’t wait till next week for our next session! Thank you so much Ryan!

-Joe Campbell, 26, Las Vegas, NV



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This stuff works! Now I got GIRLS. . . I got NUMBERS. . . God bless you Ryan!

-Brooklyn Dave, 32, Las Vegas, NV



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Ryan will teach you how-to treat a lady, like a lady… this is the REAL DEAL!

-Mike Bruss, 34, El Segundo, CA



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Ryan wasn’t kidding! His advice was AWESOME! I found Ryan on YouTube and had enjoyed his online-presentation so much that I had to hear more. when I found out he also coaches women I then called him IMMEDIATELY!

I’ve always been shy around guys for some reason, and while on vacation in Las Vegas I decided to try a 1-ON-1 PERSONAL COACHING SESSION with Ryan.

First, Ryan corrected all of my body language—apparently I was slouching when I was standing & talking to people; which he said was making it appear as if I had lower self-esteem. He then took me out shopping at the Fashion Show Mall and created an entire new look for me; one in which he said would make me appear more sexually appealing towards the opposite sex. He also gave me a new & exciting workout regime. Later in our session, Ryan then set up his green screen and took photos of me for my new online profile which he also helped me to set up. After our training I am happier, healthier, and am now dating a super hot bartender that he helped introduce me to. I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND RYAN’S TRAINING to any LADIES out there looking to improve their dating lives.

-Andrea Borgstrom, 27, San Francisco, CA

Ryan has a much more practical approach to becoming more SUCCESSFUL  with WOMEN & DATING. At first, I thought it was some sort of secret pick-up line he was going to teach me; in order to try and manipulate women into bed. Nope! Turns out that all of what Ryan teaches are actually SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN TECHNIQUES that really do work in REAL LIFE—just not like one would think.

First, Ryan came to my house and inspected my living environment; informing me that I needed to: “Start with the end in mind.” He then instructed me with specific ways in which I could rearrange my furniture; informing me that women will instinctively look for signs of status/wealth, etc, and also, for signs of what he called: “Pre-selection.” He then instructed me to place a box of Tampons in my bathroom, and to place a used condom wrapper on the top of my bathroom trashcan. He said that this way, if I were to bring a women home, that it would then appear to her as if I also had OTHER WOMEN in my life; which Ryan said would actually make me appear to be more attractive, & desirable, and in high demand. He then taught me several techniques & body language gestures; which he called: “Clusters,” that I could use in order to spark ATTRACTION with WOMEN INSTANTLY! We then went out to a local night club called, “XS,” at the Wynn Hotel & Casino, where he had me walk around and practice his techniques on random groups women for the next few hours until I had built up my confidence & courage, and gotten the art of the approach down.

After training with Ryan, I now have a new skill-set that I can use whenever, & wherever I feel like going out to meet beautiful women.

I would RECOMMEND RYAN’S TRAINING to any single guys out there looking to better themselves, and get more girls in their lives. I only wish that I could have learned this stuff years ago, it would have saved me so much PAIN & FRUSTRATION.

Ryan, you are truly a pimp and know your shit! Thank you so much!

-Trevor Devoy, 38, Las Vegas, Nevada