An Older Gentleman’s Guide to Finding Love with Beautiful Younger Ladies

Written by Ryan Jaunzemis

Copyright (c) 2017

All Rights Reserved.


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Learn the secrets to attracting younger, hotter, thinner, & more beautiful girls.

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It is a scientifically-proven statistic that most older men in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s—and yes, even older (i.e.-men of ALL ages!)—secretly desire to date younger girls, but, most of these same men don’t actually believe in their hearts that any of these younger beauties might actually return these same feelings. Many older men believe that by the simple fact that they are a bit older (or are bald, or have grey hair, etc-etc-etc) that this might disqualify themselves from being considered a potential love/romantic interest. Well my friends, this mindset is far, FAR, from the truth!


In reality, many younger girls—much more-so than one might realize—actually, in fact, fantasize READILY about being with an older man! But, how can this be? Because my friends, an older man can do much, MUCH MORE of the things in which younger females, (especially teen-aged girls) so desire. And, in this book I am going to share with you many new incites, and several new secrets, of how YOU too can now attract these younger, hotter, sexier, and better looking, or, to what many men out there would typically describe as “untouchable beauties!” However, if you follow the instructions in this book, then YOU TOO can have them!


In this book we will be discussing understanding “age-of-consent” laws (i.e.-state vs federal, local, & international, etc) and, how you as a man, even though the social norm may be considered by most as “18,” is actually 16—the entire world over! Don’t believe me? Just Google the phrase: “World age of consent laws” and see for yourself! You will also learn the tips & techniques needed to date even younger (depending upon where you reside in the world; as a female’s attraction circuitry is UBIQUITOUS; meaning that females will respond the same (*or in a similar-type of fashion, etc) in accordance to any/all of the techniques in which I will be describing within this book the world over—regardless of age!

Personally, living in the state of Nevada (where the legal age of consent is “16”), I have dated many younger girls, LEGALLY, between the ages of 16/17, etc, and, I also have many personal male friends to whom live within many different parts of the world, to whom also enjoy/prefer the company of beautiful younger girls; which I will describe later in greater detail. (*Which in their countries is 100% legal!) All of my personal real life examples described within this book are 100% legal in accordance to local/international law.



Watch The Video Below And See Me Approach, Attract, & Get The Instagram From

A Drop-Dead Gorgeous, 16-Year-Old Girl!


*PLEASE NOTE: I have respected & obeyed all laws on this subject matter to the best of my knowledge & ability. I have included no child porn, or any illegal pictures of any kind. The book has many, “adult-themes”, but, I have included no “obscene-material.” Any text within this book describing sex with, what some people may choose to refer to as, quote-unquote “minors” is only doing so in accordance with local & international laws.



Finally, you will be able to understand the ATTRACTION SECRETS of attracting younger and hotter girls, and finally find your perfect partner!

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Imagine being the type of high value man who can easily attract & seduce these untouchable beauties that you’ve always secretly been fantasizing about! —And I know for a fact that my techniques work, because I’ve already done it, time-and-time-again, with dozens of beautiful teenage girls! —And now, YOU CAN TOO!


Learn the secret language of the teenage girl,

and start learning how to connect & communicate with hot younger girls!

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Get ready for my new book, “HOW-TO PICK-UP YOUNGER GIRLS,”

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